so i’m ready to go back to school


woah hang on what

are you really sure you’re only going to need one pen?

You know someone will ask to borrow that one pen and never give it back.

that’s what the dagger is there for

Question Tag Thingy


Question Tag Thingy
t’was tagged by the lovely: iced-motherfucking-earth
Rule 1: always post the rules.
Rule 2: answer the questions the person who tagged you asked, and write 11 new ones.
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1. Favorite type…

okayyy so I was tagged by the babe theunrepentantvagabond

Rule 1: always post the rules. 
Rule 2: answer the questions the person who tagged you asked, and write 11 new ones.  
Rule 3: Tag and link 11 people. 
Rule 4: tell them you tagged them.

The questions given to mee


1. Favorite type of music? 

rock,heavy metal, pop punk, black metal, basically any subgenre basically of rock I like it :D

2. TV shows and movies? 
I like really old british comedy and like skins and stuff haha but at the moment my favourite tv show is Four Weddings!. and I have a list of about 40 films haha

3. Video games? 

Awhh man, I am obsessed with Silent Hill, its so embarrassing but I am literally obsessed so me and mum are playing it again for like the 4th or 5th time? (the second one!). I love mainly any type of survival horror games but at the moment I am playing GTA V , Silent Hill 2 and the sims 2. So excited for Sims 4!

4. Favorite food? 
I cook alot of stuff myself BUT i do love chinese food. Like way too much.

5. You and your best friend are going on a trip together. Where do you go and what do you do? 
ooo probably go obvious and go to london or Ireland. I live in the UK so it doesnt seem to adventurous for a road trip but if I had to go out of england I would go to Amsterdam or Istanbul because they both look beautfiul.

6. Goals? 
be so happy Ithat when I die I can say “yeah you did good Katie”

7. Weirdest dream you’ve ever had? 
I used to have recurrent dreams that a massive like head louse was chasing me but it looked like a spider and would explode on me…

8. Crazy story? 
I actually dont have one, all our crazy days and adventures were a good idea at the time!

9. Worst memory? 
probably when my nan got sectioned and disgnosed with dementia. It was a horrible day.

10. Best memory? 
Oh god um I have so many that it would literally take me forevvverrrr. But yeah summer 2009 was good , best summer ever.

11. Do you got  a bae or naw? 
I hate the word bae but yes I do have a boyfriend and his name is Jason.

My questions ( I liked some of iced-motherfucking-earth's questions very much so I'll steal some >:) )
11 questions: 
1. Favorite type of music?


2. Do you play an instrument?

used to play piano but now naw

3. Favorite TV show and movie?


4. Do you play any video games, if so, favorite video game?

answerrrredd -.-

5. What would be your dream vacation?

i’ve planned an around the world trip and the tickets costs just over £2000 which is awesome. Its like 11 cities.

6. Tell me a funny/crazy story?


7. Worst memory? (if you want to tell me)


8. Best memory?


9. Any goals in life?

become a mental health nurse, get married, be happily content.

10. Would you rather have hiccups for the rest of your life or have the constant feeling you have to sneeze but can’t?

sneeze because it doesnt say how often constantly means.

11. Where are you from and do you feel happy about it?

the u.k, thats all you’re getting.

I don’t really talk to many people on Tumblr so I’ll just tag some people with nice blogs who follow me and I follow them back. (I’m not going to tag 11 people) So I kinda know them a little bit :)
lady-freezaawesomeunicornshituniversehate-breed and imp3rfectious
puffinnoises, if you want to, you can answer too, but I already know most answers I guess :) )

If you con’t want to answer you don’t have to. :)

Imp3rfectious questions to fatbootyprincess wh0rshire an-ch0rs:

1) is there any pet you wish you could have but you dont have?

2) do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend and if so what are they like

3)what is your favourite song of all time

4) how did you meet your best friend?

5)what are your pet hates?

6) are you in love?

7)have you got any phobias?

8) favourite book?

9) thoughts on harry potter?

10) are you a vegetarian?

11) favourite band/musician