i frickin hate this website. Stop teaching each other that putting someone else’s needs before yours is love. It isn’t someone who loves you will never expect that from you, they would understand that YOU are number one in your life. When people leave you you pick yourself back up, not them and thats what love is, understanding that you two are seperate people and you need to put yourself first. That’s love. Not this co dependant bullshit this website sells.



don’t let tumblr make you believe that

-smoking is cool

-being a narcissistic bitch is acceptable

-trusting nobody is healthy

-starving yourself will make you beautiful

-hating everybody is okay

- that working hard for grades isn’t worth the time

- that having mental health condition is a perk

- that self harm should be romanticized

- that abusive and codependent relationships are cute

- that not being in a minority makes you any less of a person

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